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Some examples of Crypto-currencies

Today there are more than a thousand virtual currencies on the market in the
Here is a list of some of the most popular.


The first virtual currency, Bitcoin is so far the currency at the most
High value. (Start value 2018 around 10 000 USD.
This crypto currency is increasingly accepted among traders in
The whole world. For other currencies you will often have the opportunity
To hear about Altcoins.


The Ethereum (or ether, as it is commonly called) would be the
Second most popular crypto currency right now. Its start value
2018 is located around 900 USD. Some predict a flourishing future because it
Can be used by major government institutions, or for
Contract called smart contracts.


The Litecoin is the third most popular crypto currency these
Time. A number of events have triggered its popularity, including
Including the Coinbase platform that added it to its online market with the
Bitcoin and Ether. It has a technology similar to bitcoin, but its
Transaction processing is faster.


Ripple differs from cryptic currencies such as Bitcoin, it is not
Exchanged via blockchain, it is centralized by a private entity. Today
Merchants do not yet accept Ripple. But its future can be
Interesting to follow because it is used for exchanges of funds between countries and
By several banks around the world that test it.


Me holds its popularity from that darkness market, and Alphabay, have
Started using it as a preferential currency.


Dash has been assimilated to a darkcoin in the past. But its founders have
Unmarked so that it is no longer an illegal currency and that it becomes

Legitimate vis-à-vis users. But it's always an anonymous currency:
Transactions are untraceable.


NEM is a public/private blockchain of crypto currency that recently
gained its popularity. Like many other crypto currencies, its purpose
is the wide distribution. Its innovative side is that NEM technology is
Characterized by "evidence of importance".


This is done for specific public services, such as market places,
or advertising. Digital currencies in front of tokens or tokens.